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Project APMTrainer

Posted by ZeroReverse on 06/04/2013

I have not written a new post in quite some time. Among studying and exams I have one more excuse – I have been working on a new personal project which has me very excited.

sc2 logo

Before introducing the project itself, I have to familiarize you with the game StarCraft II and its competitive scene. StarCraft II is a real time strategy game for PC and Mac where three distinct races battle for supremacy. Read the rest of this entry »


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Sony PlayStation 4 presentation

Posted by ZeroReverse on 21/02/2013

As a gamer I cant help it but be excited about the new PS4. The official announcement was made yesterday (20th of February) and the presentation was quite impressive. Read the rest of this entry »

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GitHub profile

Posted by ZeroReverse on 19/02/2013

So I got of my lazy ass and finally created a GitHub profile I will upload the projects for the code Im explaining in my blog posts, as well as some open source projects (when they are finally ready for the upload that is). On this page you can look thru my projects available on GitHub with some short descriptions. Feel free to use and modify whatever you want.

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Searching for the largest area of equal elements in a matrix using BFS/DFS hybrid algorithm

Posted by ZeroReverse on 17/02/2013

Several weeks ago I was faced with the following task:
Write a program that finds the largest area of equal neighbor elements in a rectangular matrix and prints its size. Example:
It was hinted that Breadth first or Depth first search algorithms would be able to solve this problem. However, I was feeling way too lazy to be bothered with reading about those so I just decided to solve the problem “my way”. Read the rest of this entry »

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Algorithms: Binary search explanation and C# implementation

Posted by ZeroReverse on 07/02/2013

Binary search is one of the most basic yet very useful algorithms. It can operate on sorted arrays or range of values. Some people consider it divide and conquer algorithm, others don`t, but it does not really matter. The goal of binary search is to find a specified value (or its index) within an array or a range of values, it can also be used to search for a unknown value which must meet certain known conditions.
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Converting numeric Char to Int in C#

Posted by ZeroReverse on 10/01/2013

Several days ago, in a programming problem I was solving, the easy task of converting a numeric character to an integer was standing before me. Yes, doing such conversion is easy, but I was shocked that although having experience with programming, this was the very first time I had to do such conversion. So here are the results of my research on this “problem”.
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Measuring runtime of small programs or methods

Posted by ZeroReverse on 18/12/2012

I often find myself wondering how fast does some piece of code run. However, finding that out is not as simple as using DateTime.Now. We must employ the Stopwatch class found in the System.Diagnostics namespace. This class has much higher accuracy, but we still need to use some tricks in order to get meaningful results.
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Telerik Software Academy – first Impressions

Posted by ZeroReverse on 28/10/2012

It has been well over a month since I was admitted at Telerik Software Academy . It is said that the academy is the best place to become a software engineer Read the rest of this entry »

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